Through 2021, Colmcille 1500 celebrates the 1500th anniversary of St. Colmcille’s birth in 521AD.

Performances of COLMCILLE, The Columban Suite (or just ‘The Colmcille Suite’).

Originally performed and recorded by the Belfast Harp Orchestra in 1997 on the 1400th anniversary of St.Colmcille’s death - this piece is being refreshed and performed again in 2021. 

Participation is OPEN TO ALL HARPERS and scores and rehearsal videos are available from October 2020. 

Ensemble leaders are invited to register interest in performing the work in your neighbourhood / at your festivals with your ensemble, a local choir, vocal soloists and chime ringers from your own ranks, or the Irish Harp Orchestra can provide them!  

In the next newsletter, there will be links. to sample sound files and links to videos!  Talk to Janet!

The Irish Harp Orchestra tours again to Germany in December – also performing The Colmcille Suite.

Janet is planning many events  

  • Glencolmcille Summer school weeks June 5th -12th 2021
  • Participate with the ancient annual Colmcille Camino
  • Irish Harp Orchestra touring to Germany
  • Live performances in a number of churches, with the collaboration of chrch choirs, vocal soloist and bell/chime ringers

If you are interested in participating or hosting a performance, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.