Janet Harbison has been adding her collection of arrangements, and compositions in books or as sheet music to her Store. With every Sheet Music PDF Download comes a FREE computer generated MP3, download to practice along with.

Janet's on-line books now include: Tutor Books - 6 volumes, Easy Irish Dance Tunes Collection - 6 volumes, The Christmas Collection - 2 volumes.

Also available as sheet music and downloads visit Harbison's Original Harp Solos, Harbison's Arranged Solos, and Harbison's Dance Music Concert Collection.

Janet Harbison's Harp Sheet Music can be at your fingertips any time of day, anywhere in the world!

Look out for the free offers!! Try out Miss Mc Leod's Reel, Padraig O' Keefe's Slide, Peg Ryan's Polka, and Polka Set No 1.

A few tunes will be offered for Free for a limited period and when you make up a shopping basket entirely consisting of the free ones - be sure to choose "free checkout" when you order them. If you are unsure of how the downloads work, visit the free download here to start with.

With the Ensemble downloads Janet has included a FREE MP3 file so you can practise each part with the addition option to buy a Directors mp3 download.