Over the next few months Janet Harbison will be adding her collection of arrangements, and compositions online to her Store - Sheet Music Downloads.  With every Music Download comes a FREE computer generated MP3 download to practice along with.

Janet Harbisons Harp Sheet Music can be at your fingertips any time of day, anywhere in the world!

Look out for the free offers!! Try out Miss Mc Leod's Reel, Padraig O' Keefe's Slide, Peg Ryan's Polka, and Polka Set No 1.

A few tunes will be offered for Free for a limited period and when you make up a shopping basket entirely consisting of the free ones - be sure to choose "free checkout" when you order them. Do register with the store so we can email you when more sheet music downloads come on line. If you are unsure of how the downloads work, visit the free download here to start with.

Janet has included a FREE MP3 file so you can practise each part with the addition option to buy a Directors mp3 download so you can practise with all the parts.


Choosing the Sheet Music Downloads

The Sheet Music Downloads have been sorted into four categories - links below take you straight to where the first of the downloads are situated, more tunes will follow - so do come back to explore some more.

By Collections

Select from Carolan, Christmas, Church, Miss Mc Leod's Reel, Padraig O' Keefe's Slide, and Peg Ryan's Polka in Dance Collection,  Polka Set No 1 in Ensembles, Folk, Harbison Original Solos, Large Scale Works, Other Harp Solos, Voice and Harp, Wedding and Training.


By Instruments

This will allow you to search for a variety of instruments Harp Solo, Harp Ensembles, Harp Accompaniment, Voice and Harp Ensembles, Voice and Harp, Choral, Other Instruments, Piano.

Within the Other Instruments category you can refine your search for a whole range of other instruments: Violin or Fiddle, Flute or Whistle, Picccolo or Fife, Bagpipes or Uilicann Pipes Drums or Percussion, Accordian or Cencertina, Organ and Any Melody Instruments


By Tune Type

The range of Janet’s music becomes apparent when you start to investigate the collection from the Tune Type.

Search for: Air, Barn Dance, Children’s Christmas, Classical, Harp Solo, Historical, Hornpipe, Jig, Marches, Mazurka, Meditaion, Modern Pieces, Planxty, Polka, Set Dance, SacredSlide, Slip Jig, Slow Air Song & Accompaniment, Song in English, Song in Irish, Technical, and Wedding.


By level of Difficulty

Choose your sheet music, in this section of the shop from Very Easy, Level 1 - Novice, Level 2 - Lower Intermediate, Level 3 - Higher Intermediate, Level 4 - Advancing, Advanced Level  and Directors Scores, Level 1 - Novice, Level 2 - Lower Intermediate, Level 3 - Higher Intermediate, Level 4 - Advancing, Advanced Level  and Directors Scores


Start off by following the links to where the downloadable tunes are, and don't forget to register so we can contact you to let you know when other music has been uploaded.