This is the 'Harbison Harp Method' that leads a traditional harper from the first lessons to an advanced level of playing.  These revised 2020 editions are expanded to cater for the self-learner, with more information ‘about’ the music – and additional technical, accompaniment and improvisation exercises. This Method is also a very accessible introduction to traditional harping for classical players and teachers. Now each book available as a download, straight to your desktop, tablet or phone.

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Traditional Irish Harp Tutor - Level 1  NOVICE
This is a first training manual for traditional Irish harp players that would normally consistute the player's first year of training.  Starting with simple exercises, one-chord-accompaniment songs and complete familiar melodies (including well known songs, Carolan tunes, polkas, slides and slip-jigs), the student learns to be creative with the 'bones' of the music...
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Traditional Irish Harp Tutor - Level 2  LOW INTERMEDIATE
Progressing from Level 1, the student is introduced to more challenging and longer tunes, with more arrangements and accompaniments to experiment with - and some well known harp pieces such as 'Give Me Your Hand'....
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Traditional Irish Harp Tutor - Level 3  HIGH INTERMEDIATE
At this Level, ornamentation, variation and the 'Art of Arrangement' is more fully explained and explored.  More challenging Carolan tunes are presented with ready-made arrangements, and also as arrangement projects to do.  And there's more on chord plans, play patterns, dance rhythms and 'How to Learn from the Session' ...
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Traditional Irish Harp Tutor - Level 4  ADVANCING
As the playing skills are now significantly advancing, this level introduces more on the diversity in Irish harping - from the historical to the romantic repertoires, from improvisation for the accompaniment of story music as well as for 'healthy mind and well-being', on the accompaniment of songs, on modern harp compositions, and on some templates for composing yourself!...
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Irish Harp Tutor - for Junior Beginnersjunior and adults tutors
This book is a supplementary Junior Beginner’s course for ages of 6 to 11 years of age with illustrations by Ruth Harbison.  Featuring lots of familiar children's songs (with new harpy wording!), there are pictures to colour, famous people to meet (e.g. Brian Boru, Carolan) and a great foundation for young players for every method of learning.  Juniors graduating their tutor books are ready to progress to Level 1.  
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Irish Harp Tutor - Adult Learners
Adults will already have a body full of music which can be adapted for their harps - so this method is about introducing all the skills necessary for getting started.  Working from universally familiar tunes, its cultural outreach is broad, taking in elements of American folk, hymns and even some classical with Pachelbel's Canon and Brahm's Lullaby.  This is not a training manual like those Levels 1-4.  Rather, it is an introductory volume to the Level 1-4 course-work.
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What people say...

"What I’ve noticed as I’ve gone through your tutor books is that you have a very special flair in your arrangements, so I’m very happy to buy your Irish books coming out in September as I know they will be just great." 

Ye Ping, West Sussex, UK


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