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Welcome to traditional harping!  Progress your playing skills, learn 'by ear', participate in sessions, arrange your own music...

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Janet offers lessons online - all you need is a computer with a camera and a good internet connection.  

Each lesson will comprise a warm-up, a review of current music, new materials and perhaps a mini-session with music you know.  But, for new students, we can feature:

  • a review of your current harping with advice for short or long term progress goals…
  • to improve your technique, ear training, ornamentation, arrangement and accompaniment skills from where you are now…
  • to explore new areas of repertoire that you are interested in…
  • to learn some new tunes – or to arrange a special tune that you are keen to play at the skill level you are at now…
  • to offer a review on your examination or competition programme with advice for progress…
  • to just enjoy playing some tunes together with chat and general advice.

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 ‘Tap into your Intuitive’ with ‘Learning by Ear’


Harp lessons at Janet's Warwick studio or worldwide online

Janet presents workshops or courses at various locations world-wide.

But, all year round, you may also consider lessons at the Harp Studio in Warwick at the heart of England in the UK (close to Birmingham Airport).  Live lessons are always a first choice for the best learning experience - but online lessons are a next best option.  Also, if you have a group of harping friends to share the joy of live teaching where-ever you are - at your festival, summerschool or group gathering, I am happy to travel to you!

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Try a one off lesson with Janet Harbison

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One-week Courses tailor-made to you 

There are at least 10 one-week courses scheduled through the year with training from Monday through to Friday (Residents arrive Sunday and depart on Saturday).   These courses are tailored to you individually and feature:

A Harp Aerobics Hour for all participants at 10am
50 minutes individual training session with Janet
An end-of-day group session
Evening recital, workshop, session or 'evening out' 
(with Wednesday evening off!)

Accommodation is recommended at the Castle Limes Hotel (less than 5 minutes walk from the Studio) and locally, we eat at the New Bowling Green and St.Nicholas Park Tea Rooms with lunches also arranged occasionally at Janet's.  Of course, there are lots more eating venues in the historical town of Warwick.   One day we will visit the Lord Leycester cafe or perhaps even Warwick Castle.

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