‘Tap into your intuitive’ with ‘Learning by Ear’.

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Janet is now offering lessons via Skype to harp students across the world.

Each lesson will contain all you would like it to contain!  Here are some suggested areas you may wish to consider:

  • a review of your current harping with advice for short or long term progress goals…
  • to improve your technique, ear training, ornamentation, arrangement and accompaniment skills from where you are now…
  • to explore new areas of repertoire that you are interested in…
  • to learn some new tunes – or to arrange a special tune that you are keen to play at the skill level you are at now…
  • to offer a review on your examination or competition programme with advice for progress…
  • to just enjoy playing some tunes together with chat and general advice.


Harp Lessons Live in London or Worldwide with Skype

Live lessons are always choice no.1 for the best of learning and these can be arranged in London, Ireland - or if you have a group of friends to share the expense, I am happy to come to you!

Skype lessons come a decent 2nd choice and can be organised for anywhere in the world.  My fees are the same for Live or Skype...

For adults:

A single lesson of 1 hour:  €60.00

Package of 4 x1 hour lessons @ €50.00 =  €200 

Term of 10 x 1 hour lessons @ €40.00 = €400  


Contact Janet to arrange a skype lesson email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Getting the best from your lesson

All you need is:

  • Skype – download and get an account here
  • Your Harp
  • A Webcam
  • High speed broadband or high speed internet connection

At each lesson, we start with 'warm-ups' which could be variations on the 'Chimes' and 'Chordscapes' exercises you are already working on - This also gives us the opportunity to ensure that you have a clear Skype connection, a good playing position so you can see Janet and Janet can see you -  

Sit quite close to your computer and at an angle showing you from the waist up with your harp levers towards the camera.  You may find that using headphones helps with the clarity of the sound, if you have a set with a good long lead, that will help.