Whether for an introduction to 'teaching music by ear' or an 'in-depth study of oral music training', Janet Harbison's extensive experience ensures a purposeful and effective learning experience for teachers of all backgrounds.  

            "Janet's knowledge and experience is immense - and her success speaks for itself with many of her former students now ranking among Ireland's best known and loved performers, teachers and ensemble leaders.  Her will to pass it on is evident - and her committment to communicating clearly and patiently has absolutly inspired me to teach.  Having her support and experience that I can call on has given me all the confidence I need to make a good job of this."    Mary Catherine P.  Canada


Live training courses (as distinct from 'online' courses) are offered annually to existing teachers in any tradition or traditional players considering teaching.

Check out the next  1 WEEK TEACHER TRAINING COURSE directed by Janet in Dungloe, Donegal July 9 - 15, 2023