Teacher Training with Janet Harbison   

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Whether for an introduction to 'teaching music by ear' or an 'in-depth study of oral music training', Janet Harbison's entertaining and informative presentation style ensures a purposeful and effective learning experience for teachers of all backgrounds.  

            "Janet's knowledge and experience is immense - and her success speaks for itself with many of her former students now ranking among Ireland's best known and loved performers, teachers and ensemble leaders.  Her will to pass it on is evident - and her committment to communicating clearly and patiently has absolutly inspired me to teach.  Having her support and experience that I can call on has given me all the confidence I need to make a good job of this."    Mary Catherine P.  Canada


Live training courses (as distinct from 'online' courses) are offered annually to existing teachers in any tradition or traditional players considering teaching.

The Training Courses combine theoretical and practical learning in 4 courses comprising 20 modules each that cover: Beginner; Low Intermediate; High Intermediate to Advanced levels.   THe courses range in duration from between 4 to 6 days.   There are also two supplementary courses for Junior Beginners (age 7 - 11) and Adult Learners.

Each course involves:

  • Teacher training taught modules
  • Teaching observation
  • Teaching workshops
  • Teaching practise

The Courses

Introduction to Oral Music Training - Weekend (2 days)
Starting on Saturday morning at 10am (residents may arrive Friday evening) and completing on Sunday at 4pm, this course is a 'discovery of the oral method' through observation and experience on how it works and explores the skills needed to be an effective oral teacher.  The course also explores the benefits, particularly in relation to dyslexic or other 'special needs' teaching. While the music involved in the course is Irish, the method applies to all music genres and is fundamentally rooted in the universal language of music.  This course is relevant to teachers, either already in practise or aspiring to it, from all music genres and from all abilities and standards.  
Junior Beginner's Teacher Training - 3 days
The Junior Beginner's course is designed for children beginning between the ages of 8 and 11 years of age. It is orientated to both group and individual student training and is heavily focused on the delivery method of oral entrainment.  

Adult Learner's Teacher Training - 4 days
This course is more specific to the prescribed course-work of Adult Beginner's. Teachers may start with either Preliminary (Junior's and/or Adult's) or Level 1 and the following levels must be taken sequentially.  (If teachers start with Level 1, the Preliminary Levels can be taken at any stage thereafter).

Special Needs Supplementary Course - 1 day
Further to the standard Beginners' courses, this 1 day workshop focuses on what teachers need to address with Special Needs students.  Further training is advised for in-depth work in this area.


Advanced Level Courses (Phase 2) in individual 'Arts of Harping'

For each of the advanced courses in the 'Arts of Harping', there is an exploration of the repertoire, the creative and technical skills required for effective performance of the category.  The courses for each 'Art' comprise one day with 2 follow-on days for repertoire exploration. The subjects covered in the 'Arts of Harping' are as follows:

  1. Story music: Goltraí, Geantraí, Suantraí (The art of improvisation for the accompaniment of poetry and storytelling) 
  2. Historical (or Classic Irish) Repertoire (17th and 18th Centuries)
  3. Lamentations and Slow Airs
  4. The Romantic (or Folk) Repertoire (19th and 20th Centuries)
  5. The ‘New Irish’ (or Formal Modern Composition) Repertoire
  6. Dance Music
  7. Song and Harp
  8. Sacred and Ceremonial 
  9. Health and Well-being (Palliative Improvisation)
  10. Composition
  11. Arrangement
  12. Accompaniment

A typical daily schedule on a Teacher Training course comprises 5 sessions:

9 - 10am - Warm-up Technical Training session 
10 - 11.15am - Session 1    
11.30 - 12.45pm  - Session 2         
2 - 3.15 pm - Session 3
3.30 - 4.45 pm - Session 4        
8 - 9.15pm - Session 5

Teacher Training Courses are held at the Harbison Harp Studio, Warwick, at Glencolmcille Co.Donegal, and at other centres by arrangement.    

Let us know your interest and we can discuss how the course can be brought to you.  A minimum of 4 teachers is normally required to run a course and volunteer students (for teachers to experiment with!) will be required.