'Janet makes everyone feel relaxed in her well equipped harp studio and seamlessly adjusts group work to fit each individual. A great mixture of technical exercises, new tunes and tackling accompaniment. The traditional Irish music session in the evening was thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational. Great music, great company and great food. I learnt a lot and looking forward to attending again in the future'

Jill B., Liverpool 

I used to try and learn the right-hand and left-hand parts of a tune and then struggle to put them together. Then I went to Janet’s weekend workshop and everything became clearer and easier.  Janet explained how chords work and brought us through the 'chord drills' which made accompaniment so much easier - with so much built-in variables for us to choose.  The workshop was fun and relaxed.  All of us were at different abilities and could join in at our own levels.   I came away with confidence to play with others, including more experienced players. I am now enjoying my harp much more. Thanks Janet, I will definitely be coming to more of your workshops.

See you at the next weekend !

Isabelle F., London

‘I have just experienced four incredible weeks of total immersion harp studies. Honestly, I absolutely loved every minute of it and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. I was exposed to wonderful stories of Irish history, amazing music, fabulous people, an incredible venue with excellent cuisine and your thoughtful curriculum complete with teachers on your team who are second to none. Thank you Janet, and thanks to everyone for your contributions towards this magnificent learning experience. You’re all forever in my heart.

Connie C., Okanagen Falls, BC

‘Janet, you’re my champion – Grainne H and Cormac DeB both said I would do great with you, and I did! Loved my 3 weeks with you this year as well as my week last year. Coming back again next year for sure!’

Hank H', Arkansas, USA

‘This was my second time and worth every inch of the distance. I’m taking a life-full of teaching skills home with me as well as great music and memories’

Christine M., Adelaide, Australia

‘What a great harp week. Tanja got a lot from it and we’ll be back…’

Jed & Tanja, Norway


Another wonderful lesson yesterday, with so much learning about Ireland in the mix! Heartfelt thank you!

Jessica B., Sweden

I have to say that your lessons have been inspirational, as I sit here every evening and do my practice. I never have a dull moment in my day thanks to your teaching, which I think is different from others I have tried to work with in the past and always felt overpowered. Yours is ... steady as you go... a little bit of information can be bigger than too much all in one go. You have a great way with you. And I so thank you again.

Annemarie J., Brittany, France

Thank you Janet, you were a wonderful teacher! Thankyou for your expertise and thank you very much for teaching me! My A Level performance went really well and I was awarded an A*.  I have learnt so much from you and I loved my harp lessons!

Aine G., Co.Londonderry, N.Ireland

'For sure I've learned more from you than anyone. I full heartedly love lessons, its my favourite part of the week'

Sarah L., Oregon, USA

Let me say how much I enjoyed Tuesdays harp lesson.  It brought back a tidal wave of great memories all centered around your harp instruction.

Connie C., Okanagen Falls, BC, Canada

Janet is an exceptional person, in every way, and we feel blessed to learn from her, and to be inspired by her.

Fiona and Thalia Rose C., Dublin, Ireland

Hi Janet, something to make you feel 'its all worthwhile’.
I went to the local session today - haven't been for over a year and its just started again a few weeks ago after a  three months COVID break. 
One of the first tunes led was Kid on the Mountain and . . . . I played the whole thing up to speed! I don’t know how long I’ve been striving to play Irish tunes at pub session speed but there it was for a few minutes. 
Looking forward to heading back next week and maybe even leading a set of jigs or reels! Pat yourself on the back!

Deanna D., Tasmania

I learned so much in today’s lesson, becoming aware of lots of things I hadn’t been conscious of (like elbow position and sliding the arm). My brain is definitely full, but it is good. I really enjoy learning from you, thanks so much.

Mia L., Tennessee, USA

I have found Skype lessons with Janet tremendously beneficial. She has enabled me to progress in my level of harp playing and assisted me over any obstacles along the way.  Each lesson brings a new aspect and challenge, with encouragement, affirmation and elements of fun, giving an overall enjoyable musical journey. Janet has a great wealth of knowledge and insight into Irish Traditional Music and I consider it a great blessing to invite her into my home via Skype. 

Mary C., Donegal, Ireland
(Training supported by Arts and Disability Connect, Arts Council Ireland)

I had been playing the harp for six years before I started with Janet and after one year with her my repertoire has tripled and I have developed skills I never thought I’d have. Learning through Skype caused there to be no interruption in lessons when quarantine started and has been really helpful as my parents don’t have to drive the harp long distances. My sister and I have found it much easier to learn new pieces for choir and other events thanks to Janet’s teaching technique.

Katie (aged 16), Chloe (aged 10) O's., Carlow, Ireland

 I have been getting Skype lessons from Janet for over a year now and have seen huge progress in my harping skills, especially in terms of accompaniment and speed and consistency of play - I have even started taking my harp to a local session! The classes are relaxed and Janet has an excellent ability to see where you are exactly as a player and moving you on from there. I would recommend Janet as a teacher to anyone who is looking to improve their harping.

Iona S., Dublin, Ireland

Both my daughters (ages 10 and 14) started weekly Skype lessons with Janet at the beginning of September.  One was already doing okay, but the other was very hard work to enthuse.  Janet is doing a brilliant job with them both and they are practising without persuasion now – seriously enjoying their lessons, and their beautiful harp!  But they’re needing a second harp now….. Santa will need some coercion.  

Anne D., Kildare Ireland


What I’ve noticed as I’ve gone through your tutor books is that you have a very special flair in your arrangements, so I’m very happy to buy your Irish books coming out in September as I know they will be just great.

Ye Ping, West Sussex, UK


When your [Colmcille Suite] music arrived a few days ago, I found the Derry Lament  - the tune I wanted to start with!  I didnt know it before and when I played the melody the first time, tears came - I am playing the harp again with joy and determination.  Your music connectetd me with earth and sky, like sitting in the grass or flying over the sea….Thank you for this lovely and deeply affecting piece.

 Sigrid H., Germany