Harp Ensembles

3001 - The Brian Boru Set - ( 6 mins 30 secs, 1988)
Ensemble in 4 harp parts  - Levels 4 (solo), 3, 2, 1

One of the first big hits of the Harp Orchestra where the well-known Brian Boru’s March is teamed up with the Scottish Atholl Highlanders and another Irish Jig: Burke’s. This piece is offered here in Ensemble of 4 harp parts (On the recording, other instruments are also performing).

As recorded on the CD: Carillon 1993.
Buy the score   Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Directors Set.  Each download comes with a FREE mp3 soundfile.

3002 - The Harp Orchestra Polkas Set No. 1  - (2 mins, 1988)
2 Harp Parts, Levels 1 & 2, plus melody instruments in part 3, and Directors version

This high energy combination of 3 well known polkas: John Egans (made famous in the film 'Titanic'), The Murroe & Peg Ryans.  A regular piece in the harp orchestra programmes.

As recorded on the CD: A Christmas Collection.
Download sheet music: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Directors set, Mp3 soundfile of the whole set.   Each download comes with a FREE mp3 soundfile.
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3003 - Earth, Water, Wind & Fire (7 mins 30 secs, 1993)
Ensemble in 4 harp parts - Parts 1 (solo) & 2 at Level 3; Part 3 at Level 2 and Part 4 at Level 1 (solo) Minimum 8 players.

Commissioned by the Derry City Council for the city’s first revived Bealtaine Festival and performed by an ensemble of five harpers as ‘Belfast Harps’ in the City Guildhall; but developed later (in 1992) for the BHO. Another of the regular harp orchestra favourites.

Recorded on the CD: Carillon, Celtic Harpestry.  Buy the score

3004 - Carillon (5 mins 15 secs, 1992)
Ensemble in 3 harp parts at Levels 3, 3 & 1.

Frequently the final piece in our concert programme.  Composed originally as a solo for and in homage to Derek Bell in 1992 (by his command).  The piece is a celebration of Mr Bell in bells - Starting with a fanfare of cathedral bells, then the lazy chime of a country church, finishing in a carillon to a dramatic conclusion.

Recorded on the CD: Carillon,  Buy the score

3005 - Psalm   (4 mins 20 secs, 1997) Also titled Amra, the Harper's Elegy
Ensemble in 2 harp parts - Levels 1 & 3 with optional 3rd part  - Level 1,

An exerpt from the Colmcille Suite featuring a 7 phrase ostinato in 6/4 of a slow moving 'organum' (mostly consecutive 5ths) representing the prayerful drone of monastic psalmody with the solo part dancing intricately in a monotone as the human spirit delighting in life.

Recorded on the CD: The Colmcille Suite, Buy the score

3006 - Journey into Exile and Suantraí (1997, 5 mins 40 secs)
Ensemble in 3 parts - Levels 3 & 4 with solo trio

Two exerpts combined from the Colmcille Suite, the first on the theme of toil and struggle with a sub-ensemble for a trio of players one to a part.  This piece originally accompanied the recitation of Colmcille's own poetic lament on leaving Derry.  A transitional link leads to the second piece: Suantrai (meaning 'Lullaby') representing the journey of the soul to itself and finding peace in its mortality.

Recorded on the CD: The Colmcille Suite, and  Buy the score   Also available as printed Harp Solo, 

3007 - Suantrai (3 mins, 1997)
Ensemble in 2 harp parts - Levels 4, 2

This is a two-harp part version on Suantrai as featured in piece no.3006 with an easier 2nd part.

Recorded on the CD: The Colmcille SuiteBuy the ensemble score,  Journey into Exile and Suantrai Harp Solo.

3008 - Saint John’s March (4 mins 20 secs, 1983)
Ensemble in 2 harp parts - Levels 3 & 1

Composed for Janet's cousin Tom Donaghy on the occasion of his marriage with Ann in 1990 in St.John's Abbey, Kilkenny.  Based on a 2-bar ostinato and a solemn processional march.

Buy the score  Also available as Harp Solo

3009 - The Belfast Hornpipe (2 mins 50 secs, 1996)
Ensemble in 3 harp parts - Levels 3,3 & 2 with solo whistle / flute / piccolo 

This effervescent dance tune is a great arpeggio work-out for the harps.

Buy the score  Recorded on the CD A Christmas Collection, 

3010 - Londonderry Air (Danny Boy) (3 mins, 15 secs, 1992)
Ensemble in 3 harp parts - levels 4. 3 & 2

Recorded on the CDs: Carillon, and Honour and Glory. Buy the score


Londonderry Air B (3 mins, 15 secs, 1992)
Ensemble in 2 or 3 harp parts

In key of C or D with voice / flute / violin in key of C or D

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3011 - The Kilmore Jig Easy version (3 mins 20 secs, 1995)
Ensemble in 3 harp parts - levels 3, 2, 1 with flute/violin solo 

A slow jig with solo flute or violin with a great accompaniment!  Always in the Harp Orchestra's concert programmes.

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3012 - The Kilmore Jig (1995)
Ensemble in 2 harp parts (Levels 3 & 2) with flute solo 

Composed by Janet in Kilmore House in Glenarriff, the most beautiful of the Antrim glens and former home of the aristocratic McDonnells. The house was now a retreat centre where the Belfast Harp Orchestra held residential rehearsals – which inspired the piece.

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3013 - Bright New Morning (4 mins, 1994)
Ensemble in 3 harp parts - levels 4, 3 & 2

One of the Harp Orchestra favourites to end or begin a concert – it is an exuberant, upbeat modern piece with compelling rhythms in 11/8 or 12/8 time. Composed to celebrate peace in Northern Ireland (1994) and orchestrated for the visit of President Bill Clinton to Belfast in November 1995. Its theme is ‘accommodation’ – marrying classical with traditional, a jig and a reel.

Recorded on the CD: The Belfast Years

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3014 - Walk in Belfast (3 mins, 30 secs, 1993)
Ensemble in 3 harp parts  - level 4 (solo), 3, 2

One of Janet’s most popular pieces inspired by a walk on Cavehill overlooking Belfast one sad, but sunny Sunday morning in troubled times. Conceived as film music.

Recorded on the CDs Celtic Harpestry, The Belfast Years,  A Christmas Collection.

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3015 - Mazurka Set No.1 (3 mins 50 secs, 1992)
Ensemble in 2 harp parts - levels 3 & 2.

2 great mazurkas (irish versions of the Waltz with a strong second beat) by Sonny Brogan of Dublin and Hugh Gillespie of Donegal. These are beautiful to play…

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3016 - Carolan’s Concerto (4 mins 18 secs, 1992)
Ensemble in 4 harp parts  - levels 4, 3, 2 & 1

In this arrangement of Carolan’s most famous show-piece, every player has the ‘lead part’ and as the players’ skills grow, the is more detail in the part…And, together, it is triumphal…

Recorded on the CD Carillon and Feasting with Carolan -

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3017 - Planxty Irwin Set (4 mins 30 secs, 1992)
Ensemble in 2 harp parts - levels 1 & 3

Carolan's iconic Planxty Irwin is teamed  up with the equally loved Fanny Power and is an ideal piece for concert programmes.  Part 3 for melody instruments invites melody players to join.

Recorded on the CD A Christmas Collection

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3018 - The Harvest Home (3 mins 12 secs, 1995)
Ensemble in 3 harp parts  - levels 3 & 3)

The great Scott Skinner fiddle tune that is an exhilarating work-out for harpers with animated arpeggio patterns. 

Recorded on Honour and Glory.  

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3019 - The Boyne Water (2 mins 10 secs, 1992)
Ensemble in 2 harp parts  - levels 3 & 2

One of Ireland’s great marches – which is both Northern Ireland’s siren tune of the (Protestant) Orange Order (as The Boyne Water) but which is also the tune of the great Republican march Ros Catha na Mumhain (the Warcry of Munster). Always played with vigour and pride!

Recorded on A Christmas Collection

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3020 - Carrickfergus (4 mins 30 secs, 1993)
Ensemble in 5 harp parts - all at level 1

A great piece for a beginner’s ensemble with 5 easy parts with 1-octave running scale descants and a chord pattern that spells ‘D-E—A-D’!. The tune air is from a well-known song of emigration

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3021 - O’Keefe’s Slide (3 mins, 1995)
Ensemble in 3 harp parts  - levels 3, 2 & 1

Padraig O’Keefe’s well-known slide (type of jig) that has been a favourite of all the harp orchestras

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3022 - Drowsy Maggie Set (2 mins 40 secs, 1992)
Ensemble in 2 harp parts - levels 2 & 4, with optional 2 whistle/flute/fiddle parts

Marrying the reels Drowsy Maggie and The Glass of Beer, the Belfast Harp Orchestra scored a hit with these reels being played as a set forever since.

Recorded on the CD Carillon (with title Se do Bheatha!) 
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3023 - She Moved Through the Fair
nsemble in 3 harp parts - Levels 3, 2 & 1

This favourite Irish modal melody (Myxolydian) is in a typical Harbison arrangement with shimmering chords, shifting harmony and a soulful melody.

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3024 - Lady Iveagh
Ensemble in 3 harp parts - Levels 2 & 3 & 3 (Harp Solo)

This strong majestic melody was composed by harper Thomas Connellan for Margaret, daughter of the 7th Earl of Clonricarde who became Lady Iveagh when she married in 1682. 

Recorded on O'Neill's Harper. 

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3025 - Down by the Sally Gardens
Ensemble in 3 harp parts - Levels 1, 1 & 2. with optional melody lead parts on Harp 4, Any Melody Instrument, Voice or SATB Choir. This is a unique type of arrangement with 3 harps parts playing accompaniment with numerous options to carry the lead melody (including voice).

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3026 - Gravel Walks

Ensemble in 3 harp parts - Levels 4, 3 & 2.  A pairing of reels: The Gravel Walks and the Humours of Ballyconnell - high energy reels in a vibrant setting.  

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