Other Solos

6001 - Saely Kelly
A beautiful lyrical piece from Edward Bunting’s collection – attributed to Carolan but very unlikely to be by Carolan as its style and construction is conventional. Arranged for 2 harps and 2 flutes.

Recorded on O’Neils Harper, Download sheet music coming soon, Purchase Saely Kelly Ensemble.

 6002 - The Hawk of Ballyshannon
Attributed to Rory Dall O Cathain (c.1560-1650), this is a strong tune composed for the marriage of Charles O’Donnell of Mayo to Katherine O’More of Kildare. Adapted from the version played by Arthur O’Neill at the Belfast Harpers’ Assembly in 1792.  Recorded on the The Belfast Harp Orchestra in Concert (1992) album.

 6003 - The Faery Queen
Another historical epic piece from the late 1500s dedicated to one of two people that were called the Faery Queen – either Queen Grainne O Malley (Granuaile) of Connemara or Queen Elizabeth the 1st – and there was a historic meeting of both these queens who met as queens of equal power at the time of the Spanish Armada. This piece was also adapted by Carolan who added the third part.

6004 - Sunday Morning
This lilting piece has an unusual melodic structure that makes it very appealing. It is derived from a song about a romance in county Cork.   

 6005 - An Chuilfhionn
One of Ireland's most cherished and ancient love-songs, arranged in 3 versions that may be performed separately or consecutively.  #1 for voice and harp from Denis Hempson (18thC), #2 as an instrumental Theme and Variations from Cornelius Lyons (18thC); and #3 as an instrumental 'slow air' from Janet Harbison (20thC).

6006 - She Moved Through the Fair
Another of Ireland's iconic modal songs from the early 20th Century in solo arrangement.

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6007 - Danny Boy
The best known Irish air the world over – arranged her in a ‘romantic’ solo edition for a concert programme.

6008 - Pachelbel’s Canon
Janet’s popular concert quality arrangement

6009 - Miss Hamilton
From Cornelius Lyons (c.1730), a contemporary of Carolan – in an arrangement adapted from Edward Bunting’s transcription of Arthur O’Neill's performance at the Belfast Harpers’ Assembly of 1792.

Recorded on O’Neils Harper, Download sheet music coming soon, Download CD track

6010 - Allisdrum’s March
Janet’s harp solo arrangement which also exists in a duet version as played on the Belfast Harp Orchestra and Chieftain’s album ‘The Celtic Harp’.

 6011 - The Wild Geese

One of the great laments from the 1690s with the echoes of the women keening (wailing) in the third part as they were separated from their menfolk.

Recorded on O’Neils Harper, Download sheet music coming soon, Download CD track

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