7003 - Brian Boru, Lion of Ireland - (50 minutes, 2014)
A suite in 50 minutes duration comprising 12 movements composed to celebrate the 2014 millennium anniversary of the death of Brian Boru, Ireland’s High King who united the tribes of Ireland to repel the Viking invasion. Inspired by the theme of the well-known Brian Boru’s March, the tune is shaped and reshaped in different rhythms and modes telling the story of Brian Boru from his birth to death after the Battle of Clontarf in 1014.


Soprano, Alto and Tenor solos
SATB Choir
Children’s Choir

Irish (lever) harp solo
Early Irish (wire) harp solo
Harp Ensemble in 4 parts (minimum 8 players)

Bagpipe solo
Bagpipe band (with drum corps)


  1. Overture
  2. Vikings!
  3. Song of Beibhin (The Mother’s Lullaby)
  4. Brian’s Theme
  5. Ballad of Brian 1 (Conquest and Triumph)
  6. Kyrie
  7. Ivar, King of Limerick
  8. Teir Slan (The Lover’s Song)
  9. Ballad of Brian 2 (Conquest and Loss)
  10. Lament for the High King
  11. Warrior Reprise
  12. Ballad of Brian 3 (Legend)

The director’s score is available for download with rehearsal MP3s by application.   

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7002 - Colmcille – A Columban Suite  - (50 minutes, 1997)
A Suite comprising 12 movements composed to commemorate the 1400thanniversary of the death of Saint Colmcille. Colmcille (or ‘Columba’) was renowned for the illumination of the ‘Book of Kells’ but his personal story is also one of the crusading church of his time – and his exile on the Scottish island of Iona where the Book of Kells was completed… This piece tells Colmcille’s story in plainchant and modern Irish harping and culminates in Psalm 150: ‘Praise God with lute and harp!’. With Soprano Mairead Healy.


  • Soprano and Tenor solos
  • Community choir (mostly unison singing)
  • Harp Ensemble in 3 parts

The movements are titled:

  • Benedicite
  • The Land Called Scotia
  • Psalm 98: Cantata Domino (with ‘A Monastic Life’)
  • Aurora Rutilat – Dawn, Harbinger of Light
  • Suantrai
  • Psalm 99: Jubilate Deo
  • Journey into Exile
  • The Derry Lament - Doire
  • Psalm 92: Dominus Regnavit
  • Amra, The Harper’s Elegy
  • Amra, The Poet’s Elegy
  • Psalm 150: Laudate Dominum

Scores and downloads coming soon

7001 - A Christmas Cantata - (60 minutes, 1993)

A suite of 12 old and 2 new Irish carols (or Christmas nativity songs) in Irish, English (including 2 Wexford carols) and Latin (with the macaronic ‘Deus Meus’). With a duration of 50 minutes, this suite of pieces is scored for voices, harps, hand bell and chime (on C)….


  • Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass soloists
  • SATB Choir
  • Harp ensemble in 3 parts
  • Hand Bell
  • Standing Chime on Low C


  • Don Oiche Ud I mBeithil (That Night in Bethlehem)
  • Cead Mile Failte Romhat a Iosa (A Hundred Thousand Welcomes to You, Jesus)
  • Moradh Duit a Ri na Cruinne (Magnificence to you, Lord of the Universe
  • Deus Meus
  • Rug Muire Mac Do Dhia (Mary Bore a Son to God)
  • Suantrai na Maighdine (The Mother’s Lullaby)
  • Good People All (The Enniscorthy Carol)
  • De Do Bheatha, A Naoi Anocht! (Welcome to You, O Babe Tonight)
  • De Do Bheatha, A Naoi Naoimh! (Welcome to You, O child of Saints)
  • Failte Romhat A Ri na nAingil (Welcome to You, King of the Angels)
  • An Ulster Carol
  • Ye Sons of Men (Wexford Carol)

Scores and downloads coming soon

Aifreann d’Arainn - (40 minutes, 1983)
A traditional mass in Irish for the wedding of Micheal O hAlmhain to Aine Ni Chonnaille of Inis Oirr, the most westerly of the Aran Islands off the Galway coast. Duration 40 minutes


  • Female vocalist (sean nos)
  • Male vocalist (sean nos)
  • Community choir
  • Uilleann Pipes and whistle
  • Harp

 The film 'Posadh in Inis Oirr' by RTE (1983)   50 mins  adapted the music of ‘Aifreann d’Arann’ for its soundtrack.  It also featured the wedding (live performance) for which the piece was composed.  Produced by Daithi Connaughton.  This should be available from RTE archives.

Scores not currently available.    Please email your interest. 

Battle of Alasdair - (12 minutes, 1992)                 
From the Uilleann Piping repertoire but originally an epic piece from the old harper’s repertoire, this piece tells the story of the final battle of Alasdair for Ulleann Pipes solo, Harp solo, Harp Ensemble in 4 parts with the component movements: 1 The Ulster Cry, 2 War March of Alisdair MacDonnell; 3 The Trumpet Calls the Men to Battle; 4 Awaiting the Order for Battle; 5 Alisdair Calls Out for Support; 6 Gatyhering for the Battle; 8 Strike and Slash and Leave No-one Alive; 10 The Fall of Alisdair’ 11 The Women Search for their Dead Heroes; 12 ‘Gol na mBan san Ar’ (The Women’s Lament at the Slaughter); 13 Castle Hill (The Graveside Jig).  Recorded on the Album: ‘Carillon’ (BHO, 1993)


Harp Orchestra in 4 parts
Uilleann Pipes solo

Scores and downloads not yet published.  Please email your interest. 

Ulster Symphony - (11 mins 45 secs, 1994)       
Fantasia on the themes of: Sean O Duibhir a’ Ghleanna, Boyne Water and Foggy Dew for Fiddle/Violin, Uilleann Pipes, Bagpipes, Fife, Whistle, Bodhran, Lambeg Drum and Harp Ensemble in 3 parts.  This piece is a dramatic musical presentation of the ‘story of Northern Ireland’ featuring the strongest themes of (both sides of) the conflict with the slow air Sean O Duibhir a’ Ghleanna (or ‘Sean O Dwyer of the Glen) providing a start and finish.  The Sean O Duibhir tune has 2 incarnations as an evocative patriotic ‘aisling’ of the late 1600s and as a ballad of lament in the early 1800s. 


Harp Orchestra in 4 parts
Uilleann Pipes solo

Scores and downloads not currently available.  Please email your interest. 

Dalriada - (7 mins 30 secs.) 
Commissioned for the Belfast Tattoo 2016, a piece in a variety of dance rhythms. Duration: 12 minutes


  • Uilleann Pipes solo
  • Bagpipes Solo
  • Bagpipes Band
  • Harp Ensemble in 4 parts
  • Keyboard
  • Bass
  • Percussion

Scores and downloads available on request

On Honey Wood  - (7 mins)  1995
Commission by Derry City Council for the Civic Reception for Seamus Heaney on receiving his Nobel Prize in Literature.  The piece was named by Seamus Heaney.  For solo violin with Harp Ensemble in 4 parts.


Harp Orchestra in 3 parts
Violin / Fiddle solo

Scores and downloads not currently available.   Please email your interest. 

Film Scores for Martello Films (1978) 
Series of 3 (documentary) award winning films for Martello Films (Produced Neville Presho) for Chanel 4 TV featuring:
Island (1978)     40 mins
Music in the Wood (1978)    40 mins
Horse Power (1978)   40 mins

Scores and downloads not available