By Strangford Water (2019) Janet Harbison solo CDhonor and glory
Janet's first album of fully original solo works composed from 2000 with the title track 'By Strangford Water' dedicated to Professor Ronnie Buchanan, Janet's director at the Institute of Irish Studies at Queen's University (1984-6).  Ronnie was Professor of Geography at Queens before becoming director of the Institute and this piece was inspired by his love of Strangford Lough which we visited many times.  There are elements in the music describing the landscape and the water of the lough lapping against his boat....   All the pieces on the album have stories about their conceiving....  Included also are the tracks: 2. Bright New Morning, 3. Leap of Faith, 4. Farewell Joel, 5. Trip to London, 6. Easter Snow, 7. Lily White, 8. Whelan's and Janet's Jigs, 9. My Darling Bridget's Hand (on Carolan's Bridget Cruise), 10. Viking (from the 'Brian Boru - Lion of Ireland' suite), 11. Kyrie (also from the 'Brian Boru - Lion of Ireland' suite) and 12. Dance of the Water Sprites (a four part piece over-dubbed in studio). 

CD By Strangford Water   CD is available with the book of the music, 

Slow Airs (2017) (Recorded in 2004) Janet Harbison Solo
Slow Airs are the most profound and evocative aspect of Irish music and the harp repertoire and on this album, Janet has included Una Bhán, slow airs janet harbison Táimse im Shuí, Táimse im’ Chodladh, Sliabh na mBan, Seán Ó Duibhir a’ Ghleanna 1, Seán Ó Duibhir a’ Ghleanna 2, Sé Fáth Mo Bhuartha, An Raibh Tú Ar An gCarraig, Na Prátaí Dubha, Na Connerys, Mo Róisín Dubh, Miss Crofton (Carolan), Lament for Limerick, Iníon an Fhaoit ón nGleann, Eibhlín A Rún, Éamonn an Chnoic, Clár Bog Déil, Blind Mary (Carolan), Anach Cuain, An Chuilfhionn 1 (18th Century), An Chuilfhionn 2 (20th Century), Amhrán na Leabhar and Aird Uí Chuain

Slow Airs CD available in Janet Harbison's shop

Live in Downpatrick (Released on CD 2017) (1993)  Belfast Harp Orchestra Cassette
The day following the return of the Belfast Harp Orchestra from their tour of America with The Chieftains (Boston Symphony Hall, Kennedy Centre Washington DC; belfast harp orchestra 1992 1993 janet harbisonNew Brunswick, New Jersey and New York’s Carnegie Hall), Downpatrick Cathedral featured the orchestra in it’s St.Patrick’s Millennium festival with this concert (recorded live) with specially composed pieces on the theme of St.Patrick’s (including Harbison’s ‘Deer’s Cry’).

Release with ‘In Concert 1992’ on CD in 2017 available in Janet Harbisons shop

In Concert 1992  (Released on CD 2017) Belfast Harp Orchestra This is the first Belfast Harp Orchestra recording compiled from 2 live concert recordings on the first Belfast Harp Orchestra Tour of Ireland in April – produced to take with them on tour to the Milwaukee Irish Fest in August. Produced only in cassette format, the quality of the performance was great, while the quality of the recording is not so good…. But it serves as a historical picture of the orchestra in its launch year.

Release with Live in Downpatrick (1993) on CD in 2017 available in Janet Harbison's shop

Brian Boru - Lion of Ireland  (2014)
An hour long suite of pieces for massed choirs, massed harps and massed bagpipes composed for the millennium commemoration of Brian Boru, High King of Ireland in the 11th century.  His war march is one of the universally known Irish traditional tunes which makes Brian Boru familiar to us - but his history is facinating.  This suite was constructed to tell his story when he united the warring Irish tribes into a great alliance to battle the invasion of the Vikings.  The component movements are: 1. Overture, 2. Vikings!, 3. The Song of Béibhín, 4. Brian's Theme, 5. Ballad of Brian 1, 6. Kyrie, 7. Ivar, King of Limerick, 8. Slán is Suain, 9. Ballad of Brian 2, 10. Lament for the High King, 11. Vikings Reprise, 12. Ballad of Brian, Finale.   The suite was video-recorded and is in the process of editing currently. 

DVD Brian Boru - Lion of Ireland (available soon)


Honour and Glory (2010) Irish Harp Orchestra CDhonor and glory
Featuring 6 little-known Irish Christmas carols (including 2 of the Wexford Carols), this album is a great traditional mix with Mark Redmond and Ryan Murphy on Uilleann Pipes, Dermot Sheedy on bodhran and Patrick Olsen on Flute and Whistle with vocalists Sarah O Kennedy, Niamh Darcy and Fr Liam Enright.  


Book and CD of Honour and Glory Music, CD is available with a book of the music, CD available

The Belfast Years (2007) Irish Harp Orchestra CDbelfast years janet harbisonThis album is a compilation from:
Carillon, Colmcille, Feasting with Carolan and A Christmas Collection. Essentially it is a ‘Best of the Harp Orchestra’ album including the hits ‘Bright New Morning’ and ‘Walk in Belfast’ and ‘Danny Boy’ (The Londonderry Air) in a great new arrangement with uilleann pipes.

The Belfast Years CD can be ordered from here

A Christmas Collection (2006) Irish Harp Orchestra CDchristmas collection janet harbison

An album of 16 tracks with only 5 Christmas items! With 3 well-known Christmas carols (including a sweet arrangement of Silent Night with 9 year old Aine Hayes), there is a great mix of traditional Irish music with just 2 Harbison originals – Walk in Belfast and Bright New Morning. Also includes the favorites: The Belfast Hornpipe, Carolan’s Eleanor Plunkett and the ‘Gravel Walks Set’.

A Christmas Collection CD available to order in the Harbison Harp shop here


Prayer (1999)   Janet Harbison Solo CDprayer janet harbisonWhen Janet joined the staff of the Ulster Folk Museum, she was no longer able to attend the Northern Ireland Hospice where she provided weekly Palliative Harpcare. One of her patients left a legacy to enable the recording so the Hospice patients could continue to benefit from the music. The CD contains mostly spiritual music including the original ‘Suantrai’ and a pentatonic improvisation ‘Prayer’.

Prayer CD available in Janet Harbison's shop

Celtic Harpestry (1999) PBS Film Special starring the Belfast Harp Orchestra CD and Video on the POLYGRAM label.
Recorded as an American ‘PBS Special’ (Public Broadcasting Special) at the magnificent Lismore Castle in Waterford (released as both video and CD) features the Belfast Harp Orchestra with guest artistes Rudiger Oppermann (from Germany, with whom Janet performed on many occasions through Europe with his ‘Harfenfestival’ concert tour), Sileas (Patsy Seddon and Mary McMaster from Scotland), Maire Ni Chathasaigh (Ireland), Cheryl Ann Fulton (Baroque harp from America) and Deborah Henson Conant (also from America).  The production also contains Janet’s (and the Orchestra’s) favourite rendition of the ‘Titanic’ film theme ‘My Heart Will Go On’.   Very proud of this one!!

Earth Celebration (1998)   Compilation withJanet Harbison CDearth celebration janet harbisonOver a course of 3 years and 3 ‘Earth Conference’s in Walzenhausen, Switzerland, Janet was the Irish representative as a ‘Leader of Tradition’ in a world gathering of musicians and artistes. In the wake of a number of tours of ethnic harp players from many parts of the world, this ‘world music’ experience marked a new departure.


BBC Young Musician of the Year Special (1998) Film on Belfast Harp Orchestra
The BBC Young Musician of the Year final was held at the Belfast Waterfront Hall early in 1998 with an ‘Interval Film’ of 28 minutes featuring the Belfast Harp Orchestra. Filmed at Kilmore House, Glenarriff and in concert in Ballyearl Centre, Co.Antrim

Colmcille (1997) Belfast Harp Orchestra CDcolmcille janet harbisonA 50 minute work composed by Harbison for the 1400th anniversary of the death of Saint Colmcille, Northern Ireland’s patron saint. Featuring harps, voices (choirs and solos), chimes and narrators (in Irish and English) in a mix of ancient plainsong and modern harp music following the story of Colmcille. Featuring the soprano Mairead Healy.

Colmcille available on CD

The Wedding Album (1995) Janet Harbison Solo Cassettethe wedding album
When Janet was performing at a lot of weddings, this album assisted the wedding couple to choose their ceremony programme. It includes a number of pieces composed by Janet: ‘St.John’s March’, ‘Meditation’, ‘Both Sides Now’ all originally composed for weddings of family members!

Feasting with Carolan (1994) Clarsheree CD & Cassette feastingwithcarolanjanetharbisonandclarsheree
Featuring known tunes (including Hewlett, Planxty Johnston and Carolan’s Concerto) and newly discovered music including Edward Corcoran, Saely Kelly and Elizabeth MacDermottroe, this album is a triumph for the 5 member group Clarsheree comprising Janet Harbison, harp, vocals; Patrick Davey uilleann pipes, flute, bodhran; Michael Rooney harp, flute; Grainne Hambly harp, concertina; Suzanne McAlindon harp

Feasting with Carolan available as individual downloadable tracks

Carillon (1994) Belfast Harp Orchestra CD & Cassettecarillon janet harbison
This is actually the 3rd Belfast Harp Orchestra album, but the first to appear as a CD and released after the Grammy Award win with the Chieftains in 1993. Features the favorites ‘The Flower of Sweet Strabane’, Brian Boru’s Set, The Raggle Taggle Gypsy and the Harbison original ‘Carillon’ for Cheiftains harper Derek Bell.

Carillon is available on CD in the Harbison Harp shop

Harpestry (1994) Compilation with Janet Harbison solo CD
Recording Janet’s ‘Love’s Comfort’, her single track on this CD lead to the PBS production of ‘Celtic Harpestry’ also recorded on the POLYGRAM label

A Christmas Cantata (1993) Belfast Harp Orchestra Videoa christmas cantata
Recorded on video live at a concert in Mayo Abbey and produced commercially for a few years – now out of print (but we have an archive copy!). This work was for choir and vocal solos with harp orchestra featuring 12 old and two newly composed nativity carols in Irish, English and Latin (macaronic) carols. First performed nationwide with the Methodist College Chamber Choir (Belfast) but this recording was with the Galway Baroque Singers.



The Celtic Harp (1993) The Chieftains with the Belfast Harp Orchestra CDceltic harp chieftains janet harbison

After their first concert tour in April 1992 (2 weeks and 13 dates in Ireland), the Belfast Harp Orchestra opened the ‘World Harp Festival’ organised by Harbison on May 17th with the Chieftains doing the second half of the concert.

A ‘finale’ with the Harp Orchestra was hastily arranged (Planxty Irwin and Fanny Power) and as well as the audience, we thrilled the Chieftains!

The week following the World Harp Festival, we travelled to Dublin to perform at the National Concert Hall with them, and later at the Royal Festival Hall, London. At these two venues, the Celtic Harp album was recorded – it won the Grammy Award for Best Folk Music Album in 1993. This was to be the first of many collaborations with the Chieftains over the next 10 years.

O’Neill’s Harper (1985) Janet Harbison Solo CDoneills harper janet harper
Although not Janet’s first recorded album, this is her first own-produced collection featuring old and new music, sung and instrumental and is still a best-seller. Includes O’Neill’s Cavalcade, Eleanor O’Connor and The Butterfly.


O'Neills Harper is available here on CD in the Janet Harbison shop

Microsoft Library (1979) Archive recordings
For many years, it was Janet’s harp playing that was Microsoft’s ‘Irish harp’ sound.

Pathe News Library (1978) Archive recordings
In Hamburg, Germany, Janet spent a week recording 40 hours of music for the Pathe News Library.

Janet Harbison Harper (1977) Unreleased solo album
A first fully recorded album that was never released – produced by Gerald Davis of Livia Records.  Gerald was also a very successful Dublin artist who suddenly got very busy with exhibiting and the release of my album got caught on the long finger….  Somehow we never got back to it….