Photographs showing Janet Harbison and her activity over the years.

Cutie at hart
BHO 1st Generation Coshcib UFTM 1988 001
BHO Columba Yr
BHO And Cheiftains In NCH 1993 001
Aa Studentsjanet1999
Belfast Harp Orchestra
Janet IHO 2003
Harpers of columba
Irish Harp Orchestra 2009
IYHOwithPresidenthigginsinIHC Yard
Wild Atlantic Harps
Conducting the orchestra arasanuachtarain
Harps in the Irish Harp Centre garden
Harp Concerto 2012
JH Conducts BBLoI Aug 2014
Irish Harp Orchestra 2014
Janet Harbison
Harp group at river
Lion Of Ireland Pipes Harps Centre Aisle View