By Strangford Water Janet Harbison CD booklet2 Page 1Bright New Morning, and Viking and Kyrie from my ‘Lion of Ireland’ suite and ‘Whelan’s and Janet’s Jigs’ will be familiar already as Harp Orchestra pieces, but here they are as concert solos.

But, it’s all the newly recorded tracks that are exciting for me to hear your thoughts. So far, the favourites seem to be ‘By Strangford Water’ itself, but also ‘Farewell Joel’ (the tribute piece composed for Joel Garnier of Camac Harps who designed the ‘Janet’ harp for me), ‘Lily White’ (for my mother-in-law) Polina's favourite, and the funky ‘Dance of the Water Sprites’ and Gerry Diver, my engineer, loves the funkiness of ‘The Dance of the Water Sprites’. Dying to hear what are your favs!


 By Strangford Water CD - now available to buy in Janet's shop


What my first reviewers have said "...

Dearest Janet,

I received your precious gift of your beautiful new CD a few days ago and have been listening to it non-stop!  It's absolutely wonderful!l!  Whelen's and Janet's jigs are the earworm before going to bed last night and upon arising. Dance of the Water Spirits particularly touched my heart and soul with our California need for water to quench the fierce fires in our state. I just can't stop listening to it. 

The recording quality is terrific. I love the bright clear tone of your harp and feel in some ways that I’m right in a room with you (I think that may be due to your strong spirit as much as the good micing and recording). And I love that the music is mostly your own compositions.  You stand as my top favorite composer for the Celtic/neo-Celtic harp. And honestly - I'm so impressed - you haven't lost a bit of your harp-dancing abilities over the years!  And it seems to me that life experiences, depth of heart and soul have made your music even more beautiful, brilliant, rich, imaginative.  

Thank-you so much for your efforts to record and share this with our world.  This album is so bright and beautiful and full of everything great and hopeful during these unprecedented times. I'm just so impressed and so grateful!

Sending you oceans of love and light across the miles!

 Stork, California

PS Teed also loves your album and your compositions and arrangements. And great cover!! Just so well done Janet!!


I just had to write and tell you...By Strangford Water is so beautiful!!!  It is easy to close one's eyes and imagine heaven listening to that tune!  I can hardly wait to buy the CD...Something to look forward to, amidst all of this doom and gloom!

Ellarose B, Antigonish, Nova Scotia


I don’t know how you come up with these extremely creative pieces. They’re all so different and at the same time exquisitely beautiful without exception. You are a very gifted and talented lady; this album really showcases your playing skills.

Farewell Joel - The harmonics at the end are stunning and perfect for this music. This is my favourite piece of music on your new album.

Kyrie  - This track is wonderfully ethereal yet strong. It’s beautifully written. Another timeless favourite

Connie C, Okanagen Falls, BC, Canada