The Traditional Harp Tutor Booksjh tutors 1 4
Levels 1-4 are REVISED in a 2020 Edition


Making them more user-friendly for self learners! There’s also more explanations and exercises.


Beginners: All the Basics, and the easiest steps to quick note-reading -
and 24 great tunes including ‘Brian Boru’s March’, ‘Eleanor Plunkett’, ‘Fanny Power’ and ‘The Rakes of Mallow’!

Low Intermediates: Getting to grips with repertoire and tune type,
and 28 more tunes including ‘Give me Your Hand’, ‘Down by the Sally Gardens’, ‘Captain O’Kane’ and ’Shebeg Shemore’

High Intermediates: All about arranging, ornamentation and variation;
and 28 more tunes including ‘The Princess Royal’, ‘Carolan’s Draught’, McLeod’s Reel, and ‘The Bard of Armagh’ 

Advanced: Tall about polishing your skills:
advanced arrangement, accompaniment skills, improve and composition and another 28 great tunes! 
Also, each volume comes with groups of sound files to help with your practise. Email me for the link to the Dropbox and the recordings!

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