I have been busy during the lock-down! - upgrading tutors, and not just finishing Volumes 3 and 4 of the Carolan Collection, but also producing a 5th volume entitled ‘The Carolan Concert Collection’ from my own concert repertoire. 

Very excited by all of this and hope you will be too!

The collection features over 100 of Carolan’s most beloved tunes and I am delighted to have finished this for the Year of Carolan!  He is such a big part of our repertoire and deserves his star role in music relevant for all ages (centuries) and performance opportunities.


carolan collection volume 1 600x600The Carolan Collection Volume 1 

Suitable for Beginners

1 Miss Goulding
2 Lady Gethin
3 John Drury, Planxty Kingsland
4 Planxty Irwin
5 Sheebeg Sheemore
6 Hugh Kelly
7 Eleanor Plunkett
8 Miss Murphy
9 Miss Fanny Power
10 Miss McMurray
11 Young Richard Cusack
12 Bridget Cruise
13 George Brabazon
14 Lament for Charles MacCabe
15 Princess Royal
16 James Plunkett
17 Lord Dillon
18 Captain O’Kane
19 Colonel O’Hara
20 Lady Wrixon
21 Kean O’Hara
22 Madam Maxwell

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The Carolan Collection Volume 2 Carolan2018vol2 sm

Suitable for Low Intermediary players 

1 Batchelor Brabazon
2 Mrs Anne Mac Dermott Roe
3 Doctor O Connor
4 Betty MacNeill
5 Planxty Salaigh
6 Lady St. John
7 Mary O’Neill / Carolan’s Favourite
8 One Bottle More
9 Denis O’Conor
10 George Reynolds
11 Jem the Miller
12 Planxty Galway
13 Planxty Johnston
14 Carolan’s Cap
15 Peggy Morton
16 All Alive
17 Hugh O’Donnell
18 Mr O’Connor and Jig
19 Henry MacDermottRoe,
20 Captain Magan
21 The Landlady

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The Carolan Collection Volume 3
Carolan2018vol3 sm

Suitable for Higher Intermediary players 

1 Bumper Squire Jones
2 Carolan’s Draught
3 Madge Malone
4 Planxty Burke
5 Planxty Brown
6 Carolan’s Welcome
7 Sir Festus Burke
8 Carolan’s Receipt
9 Madam Maxwell (2nd setting)
10 Mrs Keel
11 Mervyn Pratt
12 Planxty Hewlett
13 Captain Sudley / Carolan’s Dowry
14 Mrs Crofton
15 Fanny Power (2nd setting)
16 Eleanor Plunkett (2nd setting)
17 Lament for Owen Roe O’Neill
18 Blind Mary
19 Sir Charles Coote
20 Planxty Drew
21 Mrs Costello
22 Planxty John Kelly
23 Miss Murphy (2nd setting)
24 Planxty Irwin (2nd setting)
25 Carolan’s Concerto 

(2nd setting) designates that this is a 2nd (different) version of a tune in a previous volume.

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The Carolan Collection Volume 4Carolan2018vol4sm

 Suitable for Advanced players 

1 Lord Inchiquinn
2 Kitty Maggenis
3 Morgan McGann
4 Mrs Elizabeth MacDermottRoe
5 Henry MacDermottRoe  (2nd setting)
6 Maurice O’Connor
7 John O’Connor
8 Charles O’Connor
9 Michael O’Connor
10 Mrs Cole
11 O’Rourkes Noble Feast
12 Carolan’s Maggot
13 Lament for Terence McDonough
14 Separation of Soul and Body
15 Squire Parsons
16 Catherine Martin
17 Constantine Maguire
18 Mrs Judge
19 John Moore
20 Carolan’s Quarrel with Landlady
21 Tobias Peyton
22 Lady Rose Dillon and Jig  

(2nd setting) designates that this is a 2nd (different) version of a tune in a previous volume.

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carolan vol 5 smThe Carolan Concert Collection Volume 5

 Suitable for Concert Artists  

1 Carolan’s Concerto (2nd setting)
2 My Darling Bridget’s Hand (Bridget Cruise)  (2nd setting)
3 Miss Crofton
4 Edward Corcoran
5 Dr Delany
6 Mrs Delany
7 Katherine O’Moore / The Hawk of Ballyshannon
8 Loftus Jones
9 Saely Kelly
10 Mabel Kelly
11 Sir Arthur Shaen
12 Miss Fanny Power (3rd setting)
13 Mrs Harwood
14 Miss MacDermott / The Princess Royal (2nd setting)
15 Carolan’s Farewell

 (2nd setting) and (3rd setting) designates that these are 2nd or 3rd (different) versions of  tunes in previous volumes.

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Carolan collection for web 2. with purple smallThe Carolan Collection
Volumes 1 to 5

5 volumes available in Janet's Shop