with Janet Harbison

6 easy steps, 3 helpful hints and a note to accompanists! Get ready for fun with music – and make new friends in the process!

Easy steps: 

Have 2 – 3 tunes (preferably known or at least easy melodies (no Symphonies) Suggestion: a march (such as Brian Boru’s, or ‘Oh When the Saints’), a song tune (such as ‘Molly Malone’ or ‘My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean’), then the myriads of dance music – easy ones to start with such as: barndances (such as Lucy Farr’s or The Keel Row), polkas or mazurkas (the ‘Titanic’ polka or Shoe the Donkey).  Don’t choose tunes that are too fast (intimidating) or too slow (boring)…. And accompanists: use basic chording (your 1 – 4 – 5 chords) and keep the rhythm straight (not too much syncopation!) and it’s all good! 

Some music to help you along

To help with getting a good grounding in appropriate tunes, my Harbison’s 100 is designed for getting sessions going for all instruments (Vol 6 of ‘Harbison’s 100) with Vols 1 – 5 for harp players (all the tunes fingered and with easy left hands to get started).  There is also chording advice for guitars, harps and pianos too.

Click here to Carry on reading Janet Harbison’s “How to get a good Irish Session Started!”, it doesn’t need to be just harps, all instruments can join in!

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