Participate in Janet's Colmcille Suite digital performance production - 

Rehearsing up to June 2021
Recording from June - August 2021
Going Live on December 7th 2021

Or, just enjoy playing the score along with the remastered 2021 recording!

Ireland’s 3rd saint (along with St.Patrick and St.Brigid) is equally famous – most particularly as it was he and his monastic brothers that produced the Book of Kells, Ireland’s most celebrated art treasure.

In 1997 (commemorating the 1400th anniversary of his death), I produced my Colmcille suite (find the music online - or visit the CD downloadable tracks - where there are samples of every track) which will be performed again in 2021 ONLINE in a digitally edited performance (to be launched on December 7th, Colmcille's anniversary).  

YOU TOO ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE - preparing the music along with recordings at home, making your own video and joining many others in a digital concert!


Colmcille  - The Columban Suite
– by Janet Harbison
A suite of plainchant and psalmody from the early Celtic Christian church, for voices (solo soprano and community / parish choir) and new music for harp solo and ensemble (in 4 parts: Intermediate – Advanced), and narrators (in Irish and English).

To register your interest and participation, choose which part is the right one for you and
buy your score from here.

Vol 1 Full Score (Directors’s) Available in A4 and A3 formats 
Vol 2 Harps  Pt 1 - for Low - Intermediate players 
Vol 3 Harps  Pt 2 and Pt 3 - High Intermediate players
Vol 4 Harps  Pt 4 and Solo - Advanced players 
Vol 5 Choral and Vocal Solos (with keyboard accompaniment)
Vol 6 Narrators (Narrative texts only)
Vol 7 Handbell and C & D Chimes

Buying the score automatically registers your interest in the online 'Colmcille 1500' project. We will stay in touch and you will have free access to the arral reheasal videos and more.

Concert organisers: If you are interested in hosting a performance, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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