Dear harpers, fans and friends,CD By Strangford Water

After such a weird year, Christmas is almost here – and I sincerely hope that you all are surviving with some level of fortitude as well as joy in your music. For all of us in the profession, these past 10 months have been a shock to put it mildly. And, the road ahead for 2021 remains uncertain on every level. So, while live concerts, workshops, sessions and festivals are on hold, it is indeed intriguing to find how creative we are getting with moving our art to the internet! It is a new platform – and I for one, have been on the steepest of learning curves!

BSW cover wiro bound smsmHowever, many of us are triumphing and have perfected our teaching skills ‘online. Actually, the convenience of this is proving solidly positive to so many – even if the challenge of being able to play together in ‘real time’ has some way still to evolve. Still, I am in awe of where I am teaching now… Just yesterday alone, I taught Deanna in Tazmania, Yiteng in China, Dasa in Czeck Republic in Dublin, Rose in Wicklow, Lorna in Meath, Nicola in Cambridge and Charlotte in Shropshire! For a maturing soul like me, I still find this thrilling!!

In the course of our strangest of years, I produced my new CD... and the book to accompany it – along with the completion of my 5 volumes of Carolan arrangements celebrating his 350th anniversary. And there is much happening behind the scenes with the projects for 2021. Look out for the Colmcille 1500 project which is exciting me greatly at the moment – and I look forward to hearing about all your projects in these strangest of times.

Please stay safe and well, happy and harpy everyone – and I hope your preparations for Christmas are creative!.

 Carolan collection for web 2. with purple small

Look out for more ahead...

  • June 5 – 12, 2021 Summer school in Donegal celebrating Colmcille 1500 collaborating with the Camino Colmcille
  • Irish Harp Orchestra Tour to Germany, December