AUTUMN 2021 SPECIAL: Director’s Scores with sound files of any of my Harp Ensembles offer to Ensemble Leaders for just €5. Read on for more….

I have found that many harp teachers and ensemble leaders have been confused as to how to manage music with their ensemble members. There are a number of ways that ensembles can be facilitated with part scores for their members…

Firstly, there is the normal purchase of an ‘ensemble’ score. In your ‘ensemble package’, there is the ‘Director’s Score’ showing all the ‘parts’ running concurrently – and then the separate ‘Part Scores’ are as ‘pull-out parts’ tucked into the Director’s Score. Each of these ‘part scores’ are the music for that ‘part’ in the ensemble. While in classical string quartets or chamber music pieces for example, there would just be one player on each ‘part’; in traditional or folk music – or Irish harp ensembles, there are often many players on each part: e.g. 10 players on part 1; 3 players on part 2, 6 players on part 3, and so on.

Legally (i.e. re copyright law), you should buy a part for every player – so should order ‘additional part scores’ from the publisher for all players in your ensemble additional to the first. As a publisher of Harp Ensembles, I would expect to have emails from Ensemble Leaders requesting ‘Extra Part Scores’ for the extra 9 players on part 1; 2 players on part 2, 5 players on part 3, and so on!

What Ensemble Leaders have tended to do (and I totally appreciate the convenience factor) is to photocopy the part scores provided in the original bought copy for their extra players. So, with the purchase of just one full copy of the ensemble, many, many players are enjoying the free use of copies photocopied by the Ensemble Leader. 

We don’t want the buying of Ensemble works to be difficult or problematic – but if you would like ‘Extra Part Scores’ – please just ask for them! My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.! The cost is very small and your Ensemble members will get nicely produced copies, stapled and with proper covers.

Secondly, many of my Ensembles are now available online and the ‘Part Scores’ may be individually downloaded from my website ‘shop’. This is very easy to manage with just a few clicks – and to ensure the ensemble member gets the right score, the teacher can easily email their member the link to the appropriate part! The ensemble member pays the minimal amount of money for the part score (usually between €1 and €7) which goes to the composer/arranger. Your moral duty is complete and your conscience clear!

A third way of managing is by license which I arrange directly with the Ensemble Leader. You tell me how many members you have on the different ensemble parts and I quote you a small sum of money to cover your use of the music – and you are legally entitled then to photocopy or send the e-copies of the part scores to the participants.

If you have designated yourself to be an Ensemble Leader in your registration on my website, you are invited to have a Director’s Score of any Ensemble with sound file for €5. (Part scores not included) This is on the understanding that if you would like to perform the work with your ensemble, that each part score copy is paid for.

PLEASE email me with any questions and I will be happy to respond.
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