Appealing for funds towards the cost of the editing, sound engineering and other technical production costs 

Although we will have a 'DONATION' button on the concert video (totally optional), please tell your friends and supporters that we have opened a ‘GO FUND ME’ page appealing for funds towards the editing, sound engineering and other technical production costs.

As we can’t raise money from the running of live concerts with our Colmcille Suite this year, the choice was to postpone to next or uber-next year – but 1500th anniversaries for extraordinary people happen only every 1500 years!

So, to ensure that Colmcille’s 1500th commemoration happened in the appropriate year – this year – the production had to go on-line and will be shown on You Tube on December 7th (actual anniversary) at 6pm GMT and will be available until December 31st.  

By the time the decision was made, deadlines were already passed for the usual funding deadlines so this Colmcille 1500 project is funded by myself with some invaluable contributions from my soloists, Mairead Healy (soprano) and Antaine O’Donnaile (narrator) and his company Macha Media.

The appeal with my ‘Go Fund Me’ page is to help out with the editing, sound engineering and other technical production costs.

I would be most grateful for any contributions from you, your friends and supporters – so please would you come to my Facebook page and ‘share’ the ‘Go Fund Me’ page or click on the Go Fund me Link

We hope you enjoy the performace and ecourage your friends and family to watch and contribute.

All your help will be much appreciated!

Thank-you all, sincerely,