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Janet Harbison - Irish Harp

performer • composer • teacher • academic

Janet's Camac solo concert online &
Colmcille - The Concert

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Now on YouTube as a film-concert feature with
The Belfast Harp Orchestra 1997 and The Online Irish Harp Orchestra 2022

Limited edition (50) print of Illuminated Psalm 150: Praise the Lord with Lute and Harp by the calligrapher Jane Sullivan as feathred on the film. All signed and numbered.

Listen to Janet's recital presented by Camac Harps

"Les JEUDIS de la HARPE" now on the Camac Youtube channel

Janet's recital presented by Camac Harps

Ireland’s multi-award-winning ‘Queen of the Harp’ continues to perform, compose and teach, sharing her unrivalled expertise and experience in all from regular teaching (live from her studios in Warwick (UK) and monthly in Donegal (Ireland) to a world-wide online practise that has proved very popular. From her Grammy Award winning direction of the (student) Belfast Harp Orchestra and later the (professional) Irish Harp Orchestra, she also coaches harp ensembles and orchestras and their leaders in many countries.   
Janet’s particular specialisms are traditional (oral) teaching (‘by ear’); special needs training, teacher coaching and palliative harping. Her most popular workshops at festivals and summer-schools are: ‘Everybody Included Session Participation’, ‘The Art of Accompaniment’, ‘Developing Style with Ornamentation and Variation’, ‘Exploring the Harp Repertoire of Ireland and Britain’, ‘Advancing Trad Technique’, ‘Stagecraft for Harpers’ and ‘Getting Creative - Improvisation’.


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About Janet Harbison

Performer • Composer • Teacher • Academic

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The shop features lots of downloadable music scores of Janet's compositions, these are being added to all the time and you can find works to suit beginners to Concert Harp performer level. Janet’s Music Collections in book form and Cd's of her recordings and individual downloadable mp3 tracks can all be browsed and bought online.

Janet Harp and cherry blossom 1smI dearly hope that everyone has sailed the storm of the pandemic and that you continue to be virus-free…  or for those who have been unfortunate enough to suffer it, that you have fully recovered …  

I ‘caught it’ myself in early February and am still ‘recovering’ – but summer is almost here..... - St. Nicholas Park where my studio is located, is resplendent in blossom, the multitude of baby ducks and swans are thriving on the River Avon and Spring has surely sprung! I’m enormously looking forward to my upcoming harp courses - My May Harp Week is almost here when I will enjoy a ‘full house’ (bookings open for next year already..)

So, I am completely re-motivated and particularly looking forward to playing with ‘real people’ in ‘real time’. I continue to be constantly inspired, delighted and boosted by my ‘on-line’ community of students and friends - but, the ‘live’ experience is the tops – and, boy-don’t we appreciate this now!!!!

Of course, our empathy and support goes out to the Ukrainians and we are welcoming a number of refugee families here locally – so, I’m afraid that I have no beds for friends in the house as I’ve donated them…. For all students and visiting friends and family, I’m making excellent use of the Castle Limes Hotel who are also grateful for the business -

And, there’s lots to report in terms of developments!

Lots more now 'on-line' 6 tutor group sm

My Tutor Books have a new look (thanks to Chris, my designer!) and they now come with supplementary volume inserts – These are ‘Tunes Books’ containing the tunes in the tutor books (a separate one for each Level), so friends and family can join in the music-making on any instrument!

And the
Tutor Books complete with the Tunes Books inserts for Levels 1 and 2 are now available as downloads as well as in hardcopy from the shop – with the Tunes Books for Levels 3 and 4 following very soon.

2 song book group smFor those who have bought Levels 1 and 2 Tutor Books in 2021, you will be emailed your ‘Tunes Book’ as a gift.  And for everyone else, they are in the shop at hardcopy €8, and for the download €6.

Because of Brexit, and the headaches that have arisen with deliveries, VAT, customs and import taxes in the EU, I have put lots more up ‘on-line’…Besides the Download Tutor Books also available are more  Original Solos and Other Harp Solos, with more Music Book Collections coming soon.

laudate Jane Sullivan smIllumination of the 150th Psalm
from my Comcille 1500 film project

For everyone who was inspired by the Colmcille 1500 anniversary year last year, the wonderful Jane Sullivan, the calligrapher that produced the exceptional illumination of the 150th psalm from my Colmcille 1500 film project. has had just 50 copies of her artwork printed on (A3 size) art paper and all are signed and numbered. These are available for purchase in my shop with the profits going to Ukranian Refugee relief charities. If this is something you would like to have, SOLD OUT.

Janes revised poster 2022I’m delighted also to tell you that we will welcome Jane on our Bunbeg, Donegal Harp Week 1  (June 7 – 13) where she is presenting Celtic Design & Illumination Workshops at the harp summerschool. (Jane is bringing all the necessary materials for this workshop, priced at €25, students under 16 €15). There are still spaces available on this week. (You will need to find your own accommodation as our house is full! 

Spaces are still available on our 2nd week (June 14 – 20). 

Download the poster here


Thank you....

Next, I would like to thank my many generous and thoughtful sponsors who most kindly contributed to my ‘Go Fund Me’ page for the Colmcille 1500 production. Without you, this project could not have happened and I hope you’ll be delighted when you find something very special in your post arriving with you soon – with a heartful of my gratitude.

The donation page is still open and while we have not covered our costs, should you wish to contribute, please click here. And, thank you!

2022 & 2023 Week and Weekend Courses Updatesheep4Glencolmcillesheepmessage2022sm

While a number of my summer courses are fully booked now, there are still some spaces available on the Bunbeg, Donegal Harp Summerschool Weeks.  Spaces remain on Week 1 The Colmcille Pilgrimage Week June 7-13 (but you will need to find your own accommodation); and there are spaces remaining for Week 2 – from June 14th to 20th with accommodation.  If you’d like to join us, please do and I look forward to welcoming you on board! Click here

Click to Janet's Courses page for more details

Individual & group training courses - Weeks May 2022 - places available
Febuary 2023, May 2023 week in Warwick, British Midlands

Group training courses - Weekends, June, - places available
November, December 2022, January, February, April, May 2023

Group training - Warwick Harp Summer School, June 2022 - places available

Summer schools - June weeks in Bunbeg, Donegal Ireland - June 2022 - places available and June 2023 

Marlborough College Summerschool, Wiltshire, UK - August 2022


Click to Janet's Courses page for more details


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Janet Harbison Music Books

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Individual Sheet Music Downloads

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