Drowsy Maggie Set - Directors MP3 only

Drowsy Maggie Set - Directors MP3 only
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Drowsy Maggie Set - Directors MP3 only

A great way to practise with all the parts

Harp Ensemble for Harp, Flute and/or Whistle in four parts

Part 1 - Harp 1 (level 4)

Part 2 - Harp 1 (level 2)

Part 3 - Fiddle / Whistle 1 (level 3)

Part 4 - Fiddle / Whistle 1 (level 2)

The Drowsy Maggie Set is recorded by the Belfast Harp Orchestra on the ‘Carillon’ album (1994) under the title ‘Sé do Bheatha!’ (where it is performed after the song of that title).

Drowsy Maggie is a very well known Single Reel in Irish traditional dance music.  Here it is teamed with another well known Single Reel, The Glass of Beer.  They are quite brilliant and lively tunes in both the minor modes (Dorian and Aeolian). 

On BHO CD Carillon ( Se do Bheatha!)

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