1 By Strangford Water - download

1 By Strangford Water - download
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By Strangford Water

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1 By Strangford Water

Composed in 2016 to honour my academic and cherished mentor – Professor Ronald H. Buchanan. Ronnie was a geographer and director of the Institute of Irish Studies at Queen’s University, Belfast where I was a Junior Research Fellow 1984-6.

When Ronnie turned 80 years old in 2011, his alumni fellows hosted a colloquium - and we each presented something from our specialisms. This was my offering - insipired by Ronnie’s love of the landscape of County Down and particularly of Strangford Lough where he loved to sail. Since his retirement, he now enjoys Strangford Lough from his armchair at the window, where he waits and watches for the geese in Spring.  

Thank-you Ronnie.  

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