Honour & Glory - download

Janet Harbison & the Irish Harp Orchestra

The HONOUR AND GLORY CD features some original and little known Irish sacred songs (such as Rug Muire Mac do Dhia, Suantraí na Maighdine and Don Oíche Úd i mBeithil). The title track is MORADH DUIT A Rí NA CRUINNE (‘Praise to You, King of the Universe’), a highly energetic and festive celebration of a great hymn with sparkling harp playing and resplendent choral singing.

Composed and produced by Janet Harbison

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1. Móradh Duit a Rí na Cruinne  / Honour and Glory
2. Don Oiche ud I mBeithil / That Night in Bethlehem - Honor and Glory
3. Cead Mile Failte Romhat a Íosa / Thousand Welcomes to you Jesus - Honor and Glory
4. Whelan’s Jig and Janet’s Jig - Honor and Glory
5. Sí do Mhamóidh / The Wealthy Widow - Honor and Glory
6. The Princess Royal - Honor and Glory
7. Ye Sons of Men - Honor and Glory
8. Psalm (from the Colmcille Suite) - Honor and Glory
9. Suantrai na Maighdine /Codail a Leanbh go Sámh - Honor and Glory
10. The Congress and Cooley's - Honor and Glory
11. Harvest Home - Honor and Glory
12. The Foxhunter's - Honor and Glory
13. Rug Muire Mac Do Dhia / Mary Bore a Son to God - Honor and Glory
14. Autumn Waltz - Honor and Glory
15. The Londonderry Air / Danny Boy - Honor and Glory
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