Harbison's Original Harp Solos

By Strangford Water
By Strangford Water - Download
Autumn Waltz Solo
Autumn Waltz Solo - Download
Carillon Solo

Carillon Solo


Carillon (Solo) - Download
Bright New Morning Solo
Bright New Morning - Download
The Deer's Cry Solo
The Deer’s Cry - Liurach Padraig - Download
 Leap of Faith Solo
Leap of Faith Harp Solo - Download
Journey into Exile and Suantrai Solos
Journey into Exile & Suantrai - solo - Download
Mo Mhaithrin Solo
Eleanor O'Connor, Mo Mhathrin - Download
Fanfare for the President Solo
Kyrie Solo

Kyrie Solo


Easter Suite  (inc. Easter Snow, Lily White)
Love's Comfort, Love's Torment, Solos
Meditation for Absent Friends Solo
Síle Solo

Síle Solo


St. John’s March
Walk in Belfast  (Solo version)
Reel Sweet Solo

Reel Sweet Solo


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