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Janet Harbison & the Belfast Harp Orchestra

An original suite for soprano, choir and harp orchestra composed for the 1400th anniversary in 1997 of St.Colmcille, one of Ireland's greatest saints who was himself a bard, artist and holy man. Inspired by the ancient chants of the early Christian church in Ireland, this work is a dramatic presentation of the story of Colmcille in music, song and psalmody.


Track Listing :

1. Benedicite (unaccompanied plainsong)

2. The Land Called Scotia (recitation)

3. Psalm 98: Cantata Domino (soprano and harps)

4. A Monastic Life (recitation)

5. Aurora Rutilat (plainsong with harps)

6. Dawn, Harbinger of Light (recitation)

7. Suantraí (lullaby on harps)

8. Psalm 99: Jubilate Deo (accompanied plainsong)

9. Journey into Exile (harps)

10. The Derry Lament & Doire (song and recitation)

11. Psalm 92: Dominus Regnavit (accompanied plainsong)

12. Amra, The Harper’s Elegy (harps)

13. Amra, The Poet’s Elegy (accompanied recitation)

14. Psalm 150: Laudate Dominum (arranged plainsong)   

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