Slow Airs by Janet Harbison - NEW!

Slow Airs by Janet Harbison - NEW!
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Slow Airs by Janet Harbison. 

Recorded at the Irish Harp Centre, Castleconnell, Co. Limerick over 4 days in July 2004, this album has long awaited its release!

Janet was gravely ill at the time and with an uncertain future, shelved the CD release until an appropriate time presented itself – which wasn’t until 2017 (and long since fully recovered)!

Slow Airs by their very nature are very much of the ageless tradition of Irish music and song that created them. The only pieces composed for harp were the ‘Lament for Limerick’, Miss Crofton and possibly ‘Blind Mary’ but all are revered airs that of course will be carried on the harp.

The genre of ‘Slow Airs’ is at the core of the tradition, are always deeply felt and listened to as – in the sound of the music only, the Irish live their history – much of it from a place of heart-ache over lost loves, lost lives, lost battles, lost hope – but rich in beauty and depth of feeling. In quiet moments, this extraordinary music brings us back to our origin, the well-spring of the land from which our souls have sung.

Track Listing :

1 Una Bhán 3.34

2 Táimse im Shuí 2.16

3 Táimse im’ Chodladh 3.11

4 Sliabh na mBan 4.18

5 Seán Ó Duibhir a’ Ghleanna 1 5.07

6 Seán Ó Duibhir a’ Ghleanna 2 3.10

7 Sé Fáth Mo Bhuartha 3.30

8 An Raibh Tú Ar An gCarraig 2.09

9 Na Prátaí Dubha 3.04

10 Na Connerys 2.51

11 Mo Róisín Dubh 2.48

12 Miss Crofton (Carolan) 4.15

13 Lament for Limerick 3.04

14 Iníon an Fhaoit ón nGleann 2.43

15 Eibhlín A Rún 4.10

16 Éamonn an Chnoic 3.10

17 Clár Bog Déil 2.17

18 Blind Mary (Carolan) 2.22

19 Anach Cuain 3.52

20 An Chuilfhionn 1 (18th Century) 3.36

21 An Chuilfhionn 2 (20th Century) 2.43

22 Amhrán na Leabhar 4.06

23 Aird Uí Chuain 3.32

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