O’Neill’s Harper

O’Neill’s Harper
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Janet Harbison

This is Harbison's harp tribute to various generations of the O'Neills, for hundreds of years the most eminent family in Ulster. It was first released in 1994.

Track Listing :

1. O'Neills Cavalcade

2. Lamentation of Eoghan Roe O'Neill

3. Chief O'Neill's Favorite

4. The Maid on the Shore (song)

5. Harling's Jig

6. Sheila

7. Miss Hamilton

8. Lady Iveagh

9. The Wild Geese

10.Shane O'Neill's March

11.Siun ni Dhuibhir (song)

12.The Butterfly

13.The Yellow Man

14.My Lagan Love (song)

15.Eleanor O'Connor (Mo Mhathairin)

16.Tribute to O'Neill

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