The Colmcille Suite - Download

A suite of plainchant and psalmody from the early Celtic Christian church, for voices (solo soprano and community choir) and new music for harp solo and ensemble (in 4 parts – Intermediate – Advanced), and narrators (in Irish and English).

For ensembles and concert organisers, full scores for directors and other part scores will also be available from November.

The Colmcille Suite - YOU TOO CAN PARTICIPATE - From playing the music along with the recording at home, to participating in a performance on-line! - Click here for more details.

A conducting video will be posted with a sound-track (for participant’s headphones) for assistance with rehearsal. Between January and August 31st, Janet is available to participants needing assistance with the preparation of their parts – but the technical aspect of production is with the participants! 

To listen to a clip of the Colmcille tracks click here and click on the individual tracks and click the button to the right of the photo.

Colmcille Suite - Director's Score - Download Version
Colmcille Suite - Vocal Score  and Narrators Part - Download Version
Colmcille Suite - Harps Part 1 - Low Intermediate - Download Version
Colmcille Suite - Harps Part 2 and Part 3 - High Intermediate - Download Version
Colmcille Suite - Harps Part 4 and Solo - Advanced - Download Version
Colmcille Suite - Handbell and C, D & A Chimes - Download Version
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