Easy Irish Dance Tunes Collection - Volume 2

Easy Irish Dance Tunes Collection -  Volume 2
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Volume 2 in the Easy Irish Dance Tunes Collection.

Easy arrangements of the 100 best known Irish dance tunes for social playing in a ‘session’ for harpers at Level 2 (with about 2 years + playing experience).

Contents :

Mazurkas : The Munster Cloak & Shoe the Donkey; 
Polkas : Barney from Kilarney, The Toormore and Back of the Haggard; 
March : Sean South of Garryowen (Roddy McCorley);
Slides : Going to the Well for Water & Merrily Kiss the Quaker;
Slip Jigs : Dever the Dancer & The Drops of Brandy; 
Hornpipes : The Sligo Fancy & Kitty’s Wedding; 
Jigs : Leitrim’s Choice, The Swallow’s Next, Saddle the Pony & Bill Harte’s; 
Reels : The Soldier’s Joy, Dick Gossip’s & The Glenallen Reel;
Set Dance : The Three Sea Captains.

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