Allisdrum's March Set - Solo - Download

Allisdrum's March Set - Solo - Download
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Allisdrum's March Set - Solo - Download with Free MP3

Level 4

Allisdrum’s March (or Mairseáil Allasdrum) is part of an epic piece of music that would have accompanied the recitation of the story of the last battle of Alasdair MacColcitto MacDonnell in the early 1640s.

Janet originally set this tune in her suite ‘”The Battle of Alisdair” for the 20+ group of harpers in the Belfast Harp Orchestra – recorded on the orchestra’s Carillon CD. It is also the opening track of the Orchestra’s performance of the piece with the Chieftains on their ‘Celtic Harp’ album produced in 1992 (that won a Grammy Award for Best Folk Music Album in 1993).

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