Brian Boru Set 2017 - Part 1, Harp Solo Level 4 (Advanced) - Download

Brian Boru Set 2017 - Part 1, Harp Solo Level 4 (Advanced) - Download
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Ensemble in 4 harp parts (Levels 4, 3, 2 & 1)

Duration: 6 mins, 30 secs

Part 1, Harp Solo Level 4 (Advanced)

Sheet Music Download + FREE MP3

Brian Boru Set 2017

As performed by the Belfast Harp Orchestra and recorded on the

CDs “Carillon” (1992) and “The Irish Harp Orchestra: The Belfast Years” (2005).

The Brian Boru Set is an arrangement of the tunes: Brian Boru’s March (an ancient march tune), the Atholl Highlanders (a Highland march) and Burke’s Jig. Old Irish marches are all in jig (6/8) time.

Brian Boru is a heroic figure in Irish history who lived a thousand years ago. As Ireland’s High King, he united all the warring tribes in Ireland under his leadership to defeat the Viking invaders until his death in 1014 at the Battle of Clontarf. His birthplace and seat of power was at Killaloe on the Shannon River at Lough Derg where his fortress remains to this day.

Brian Boru’s March is one of the scores of the IRISH HARP ORCHESTRA (formerly the Belfast Harp Orchestra) which is a harp ensemble directed by Janet Harbison with up to 24 harp players performing in up to 8 parts. This arrangement was first recorded in 1993 on the album ‘Carillon’ (on the IHCP label) and has also been featured on a PBS Special featuring the Harp Orchestra and published on the Polygram label (CD and Video).

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