Carrickfergus, Harp Ensemble

Carrickfergus, Harp Ensemble
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Carrickfergus, Harp Ensemble

5 harp parts - 5 minutes

Directcor's Set includes

Part 1 - Level 1

Part 2 - Level 1

Part 3 - Level 1

Part 4 - Level 1

Part 5 - Level 1

Also available as Harp Solo 

A gentle piece for a beginner’s ensemble with 5x Level 1 parts - all of which carry the tune at some point except part 5 who have a very easy, but also important descant.  All other parts have a running scale descant at different times with a rolled chord pattern spelling ‘D-E—A-D’ through-out. The tune air is from the well-known folk song “I Wish I Was in Carrickfergus”.

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