Leap of Faith (Solo) - Download

Leap of Faith (Solo) - Download
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Leap of Faith (Solo) - Download with Free MP3

From Janet Harbison's Orginal Collection

Level 5

Leap of Faith is a set of two slip jigs, the first of which is the old traditional slip jig ‘The Whinney Hills of Lietrim’ and the second (original) tune evolved from the opening notes of the old, has a joyful, risky and leaping melodic figure in the second part.  This is a metaphor for life! 

While a regular piece in the repertoire of the Irish Harp Orchestra (as a 2-part ensemble), this was first recorded by Janet Harbison (solo) on the album ‘By Strangford Water’ (2020). 

Also available as an Ensemble in 2 parts (for Intermediate and Advanced players).