Harbison's 100: Easy Dance Tunes vol4

From the 100 Easy Dance Tunes for Session Harp Players (Low intermediate level and in a ‘basic arrangement’ to allow for the player to add their own embellishments and variations).

Barney Brallaghan - Slip jig
Come West Along the Road - Reel
Did You See My Darling James? - Polka
Haste to the Wedding - Jig
King of the Fairies - Set Dance
Lucy Farr's Barndance
March of the High Kings of Laois
Morrison's Jig

Morrison's Jig


Over the Moor to Maggie - Reel
Paddy Killoran's Barndance
Pretty Maggie Morrissey - Hornpipe
Ships are Sailing - Reel
The Boys of Bluehill - Hornpipe
The Coolea Slide
The Dingle Regatta - Slide
The Humours of Whiskey - Slip Jig
The Rattlin' Bog Polka
The Shadon Bells - Jig
The Star of Munster - Reel
Walsh's Polka

Walsh's Polka


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