Suantrai Harp Duet, Harp Levels 4 & 2 (Advanced & Low Intermediate) - Download

Suantrai Harp Duet, Harp Levels 4 & 2 (Advanced & Low Intermediate) - Download
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Ensemble in 2 harp parts (Levels 4 & 2)

Duration: 3 mins

Both parts in one download
Sheet Music Download + FREE MP3s
3 x FREE mp3s for Part 1 - Level 4, Part 2 - Level 2, and a combined version with both part 1 and 2 

Suantraí (meaning ‘lullaby’ in Irish) was originally titled ‘Lullaby for Daniel’ and composed for the comforting of Janet’s brother Tony and his wife Kathryn on the death of their first child Daniel in April 1996.

The piece was composed in the final week of Daniel’s life and is based on a simple and gentle rising motif from D to the 5th note A. Then, from the top of the octave descending with the raised 7th to the strong G implying an instability between the harmonies of 4 and 5, finally coming to rest on the lowered 7th resolving properly through the chord of 4 (G) to the home chord again with the melody coming to rest on the 5th below. The idea is in meditation to bring the mind and emotions to a quiet place – emptying the imagination to allow the spirit to make itself heard.

The quest is for resolution, of all: the melody and the questions raised with life and with faith when tragedy affects the innocent. The separation of the C sharp above the home note (tonic) and the C natural below is meant to remind us that we will not always understand what is in the greater scheme of the universe and the divine. Perhaps the life of baby Daniel fulfilled its quest in ten months that he lived. Indeed, his was a very blessed life that brought a depth of care and strength, courage and hope to every life that his touched.

My hope that Suantraí brings some resolution and comfort to all who hear it, whether dealing with grief, illness or misfortune, or stress, or just inducing blessed restfulness.

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