The Book of Chimes - Vol 1 Download

The Book of Chimes - Vol 1 Download
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34 pages of tuneful and rhythmic Chimes exercises to achieve great technique; fluidity, control, speed and strength with 3 canons to sharpen your ear and collaborative skills to play with your friends. Universally used to great effect – and it’s origin is here.

Technical training, canons and counterpoints for group participation, accompaniments, remedial exercises and more for the development of finger strength, agility, speed and control on all harps.

The definitive training method for healthy harping!

Back at the beginning of my teaching career, my students needed a good ‘warm-up’ exercise that helped to develop strength, agility, speed and control in their finger-work – and this is what I created for them.

These exercises have laid the foundation of great technique with all my students – many of whom are now star players and will be known to you (I’m very proud of my students)!!

Consider this to be your daily dose of ‘Harp Aerobics’ with a guarantee of great technique resulting.

Download a free Chime here

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