Traditional Irish Harp Tutor Level 3

Traditional Irish Harp Tutor Level 3
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Upgraded and revised - NEW 2020 Edition

Harper's Manual for Year 3 of training, you will learn:

to play some great Carolan arrangements and learn about how it’s done

how all the chording works in Carolan’s ‘Princess Royal’

to arrange Carolan’s ‘Planxty Sudley’ 

Introduction to Ornamentation

some great hornpipes, jigs and reels specially chosen to explore ornamentation

about the ‘Session’ from the inside-out….

Some great music from the Connellan brothers

Some fun entertainer’s tunes such as The Spinning Wheel & Eileen Oge

How to arrange simple folk tunes

Your first Slow Airs

To improvise on 4 - chord sequences

To significantly improve your accompaniment skills

With training instructions, exercises and drills, this tutor includes the tunes: 

Princess Royal, Carolan’s Draught, Blind Mary, Captain Sudley, The Sligo Fancy, The Fairy Hornpipe, Saddle the Pony, The SwallowTail Reel, The Glenallen / Killavil Reel, Ms McLeod’s Reel, O’Keefe’s Slide, Rolling in the Rye Grass, The Harvest Home, The Wailing Banshee, The Hag at the Churn, The Kesh, The Mug of Brown Ale, The Battering Ram, The Old Leitrim, The Humours of Whiskey, St.Anne’s Reel, The Morning Star, Molly Mac Alpin, Caitlin Triail, Ar Eire Ní Neosfainn Ce Hí, Airdí Cuain, The Bard of Armagh, The Spinning Wheel, Eileen Oge, The Meeting of the Water