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5  day courses specifically tailored to you at whatever stage you are at in your harping adventure featuring 3 hours of daily training -


• Daily: 1 hour warm-up session at 10am

• Daily: 1 hour one-on-one individual lesson - totally tailored to you

• Daily: 1 hour Workshop at 2pm on a topic chosen by the course participants

• Evening Lecture-recitals x2, a trad session with local musicians and a final evening session with you at the studio! 

• Outings are arranged if you would like them to places such as Warwick Castle

• 6 players maximum will participate in any week, so lots of personal attention is guaranteed

• Harps are available at the studio if you don't want to bring your own.  And, you may also book a harp for your room at the Castle Limes Hotel.


When you arrive Janet will welcome you and discuss with you your goals for the week!  The focus is on your wants, needs and aspirations and a week with Janet will progress your goals significantly!  While you will have a dedicated 1 hour lesson each day, there is also group learning with the morning warm-up session, and the afternoon workshop on a topic chosen by the participants from a long list of possibles!  In the evenings, there are lecture-recitals, a traditional session and a session with you!  (You have one evening off!) 

Workshops topics can include 'Why the Harp is Good for You!', 'How Harmony Works', 'Developing your Traditional Style', and practical topics such as 'Ornamentation and Variation', 'Traditional Arrangement' 'Session Accompaniment'.  These are decided with all participants at the start of the week.

Lecture-recials explore various aspects of the harp repertoire through the ages - from Slow Airs and Lamentations to Planxties and Praise Pieces, from Modern Harp Pieces to Harp and Song. 

Janet's Kitchen is permanently open for coffees, teas and chat - and practising with the other course participants.

Lunches are available in a number of local hostelries including the Tea Rooms in St.Nicholas Park and dinners in the New Bowling Green pub and the nearby famous Smith Street has a large number of restaurants and gastropubs.  


Course cost: £650 (Does not include accommodation or catering)warwick studio 27 sm

A harp for your hotel room: £50

Discounted accommodation is offered at the Castle Limes Hotel just a few minutes walk from the studio

Earlybird Discount of £50 for bookings up to 3 months in advance of the course dates

Meals are organised between Janet's kitchen and in the adjacent pub and tea-rooms. At Janet's, we split the costs, and at the other venues, we pay our own.  Janet's Harp Kitchen is also permanently open for teas and coffees - and maybe even a glass of wine!

Trips out to places of local interest, including Warwick Castle, can be arranged.

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 To book: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.