Irish Harp by Not Rote Reason 1This symposium is intended to stimulate debate and exploration of the three prevalent methods of learning today that could be categorised as – by ‘note’ (as from the literacy-lead ‘classical’ tradition), by ‘rote’ (as the oral/aural method based on the imitation of ‘traditional music’) and by ‘reason’ (as an organically developed art - like the development of the mother-tongue – where ‘traditional music’ is intuitive and spontaneous).  

All of these styles of teaching have contributed to the current thriving environment of Irish harping today – but a lack of understanding by the teachers, the students and their parents (the teacher-employers), along with a lack of appreciation of the different areas of expertise offered by the ‘teachers’ - could lead to the restriction, disappointment,  frustration and squashing of enthusiastic students.  To understand the mechanics of each approach, as well as to acknowledge the styles and genres in our diverse tradition, will help to dispel myths and develop a new and better-informed approach to an artform that is unique not only in its history and heritage, but also in the legacy it offers harp players in Ireland and the world today.

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University of Ulster In association with Harp Ireland/Cruit Éireann


Presents a One-Day Symposium

‘Irish Harp by Note, Rote or Reason’

An exploration of approaches to harp teaching and learning


Venue: Ulster University, Belfast Campus
on Sunday March 1st 2020

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Janet Harbison Ulster University
with special guests:  Aibhlín McCrann, Chair Harp Ireland and Dr. Liz Doherty


 9.15 am:         REGISTRATION

9:45 am:         Welcome and Introduction

10.00 am:       Keynote Address by Dr. Janet Harbison
                       ‘Irish Harp by Note, Rote and Reason’

10:45 am:       BREAK

11.15 am:       Guest speakers:

                       Denise Kelly McDonnell, TU Dublin Conservatoire:
                       “Irish Harping From a Classical Perspective”

                       Aine Ni Dhubhail: Royal Irish Academy of Music:
                       The Development of the Royal Irish Academy of Music Harp Syllabus”

                       Patrick Davey Examiner, London College of Music:
                       On Notations for Traditional Music Teaching”

                       Dr. Liz Doherty Specialist in Traditional Irish Music
                       ‘Toward a Traditional Music Pedagogy’            

1.005pm:        LUNCH

2.00pm:          Harp Teaching Demonstrations:

                        Denise Kelly: 'Learning ‘by note’

                        Lucy Birch: 'Learning ‘by rote’

                        Janet Harbison: 'Learning ‘by reason’

                        Each giving 25 minute demonstrations of teaching by ‘note’, ‘rote’ and ‘reason’.                 

3:30 pm:          Tea and Discussion ForumChaired by Aibhlín McCrann, Cruit Éireann, Harp Ireland

 5 pm:              FINISH

Light refreshments will be available throughout the day




Dr Janet Harbison, University of Ulster (Visiting Professor (Irish Music), Magee Campus)

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